Virtual Escape Room

Welcome to Oscape Games, a space where you will find different escape room games to enjoy with your friends, collegues or family.

The dynamics of the game is similar to that of conventional, physical escape rooms.

You have to solve puzzles with a group of people in a certain time, using your observation of images, videos and texts, and decipher passwords that will allow you to go to the next level.

Choose your game and beat the challenge!


Collaboration with your team is essential to overcome the challenge. You need to listen and share the information with your teammates.


Our games have integrated video calls for easy communication with your teammates.


Each game consists of various screens of different difficulty.


By playing “El Circo de Marcelino” you are collaborating with the international Spanish organization “Payasos sin Fronteras“.


Clowns Without Borders was founded in 1993 with the goal to restore hope and joy to children around the world who have suffered the trauma of wars and natural disasters. In Spain, the organization helps children in difficult circumstances, at risk of social exclusion. Over 27 years, nearly 1,000 volunteer artists have performed more than 7,000 shows for nearly 3 million girls and boys. Playing this game will help PSF to share smiles in Spain, specifically in those places most affected by the crisis, inequality, disease and the collateral effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more about their projects or become a partner of the organization on their website:


How do the games work?

The same screen appears to all players but with slight differences (there can be other numbers, letters, different images, etc.)
You will have to share what you see and try to obtain, between all, passwords that will allow you to go to the next screen.
Each of you must enter these keys, without spaces, in the space designated for this at the bottom of the screen.

What to do to start playing?

Cuando hagáis “clic” en JUGAR os van a pedir que rellenéis una serie de datos.
After that you will receive an email. If you don't see it in the inbox, check your spam folder.
Once you receive the email, every player needs to click on the link included in that email to start playing.

What do i need to play?

An electronic device (computer or tablet) with a good internet connection, a front camera or Webcam for the video conference call. Also paper and pen to write down hints or any other information you get from your play partners.

What happens if the 60 minutes are over and i haven't finished yet?

Don't worry, the game will continue until you finish and the clock will start to tick backwards.

Not all the players appear on the screen

You can try reducing the screen size. We recommend playing with a computer with a display resolution of at least 1600x900.