La Reina Roja


Hi guys, thanks for coming, I think that something must have happened to the professor, he has not answered my calls, and he has not been in class for several days...
Necesito vuestra ayuda para encontrarlo, ¿os animáis?


2 – 4 jugadores

Recommended age (+8)

60 minutes

Camera and Microphone Needed

Integrated Video Call

Teamplay Game

How to start the Game

  1. Click the play button
  2. Select payment method (Paypal or Credit Card).
  3. Make the payment.
  4. The player who makes the payment will receive via email - and see on-screen - a 32-character code separated by dashes that they then share with the other players. THIS CODE WILL REMAIN VALID FOR 72 HOURS AFTER PURCHASE.
  5. Arrange with the other players a time to play the game.
  6. Each player has to enter the code in the space provided and then click on "Enter".
  7. Every player must enter his/her name, and then each player has to select a unique name for this game.
  8. Confirm your Camera and Microphone settings and check your speaker volume.