Terms and Conditions


The price per game is 5€

GAMES OSCAPE reserves the right to apply discounts for promotions or for specific dates. These discounts may be subject to changes and modifications and apply for a specific time.


The minimum age to play the games is 10 years.


To begin playing it is necessary to follow the following steps:

1. Click "play" for the selected game.

2. One of the players will make the payment of 5€, either through Paypal or through a credit / debit card. In both cases the web will link directly to the payment gateway corresponding to the selected option. The person making the purchase will be asked for his email.

3. The player who makes the payment will receive by email he provided a code of 32 characters separated by hyphens that will remain active for 72 hours after the purchase. He then has to share the code with the rest of the players. In case the buyer did not receeive an email he should contact GAMES OSCAPE by sending an email to games@oscape.es.

4. The players have to agree on a date and time to play

5. To start the game, each player has to access the link provided by GAMES OSCAPE, enter the code and their name in the indicated fields.

6. Confirm your Camera and Microphone settings and check your speaker volume.



After 72 hours from the receipt of the code by email, without the group having played, the right of any refund of the paid amount will be lost.

If for technical or other reasons GAMES OSCAPE cannot provide its services, the current rates will be refunded or another code will be provided.